Physical Stats:

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 205

Stats: 42-38-44 (waist can be reduced to 33" with corsets)

Shoe size: 10

Dress size: 16/18 or XL

Skin: Fair complexion

Hair: Long/straight and black with the back of my head shaved (Normally I have braided extensions) I can add bangs, or when my hair is natural I can use various wigs for different looks.

Eyes: One blue and one green (they change all the time)

Eyebrows: Shaved

Tattoo's: small bat on my left breast

Piercings: Two in each ear

Makeup: I usually do my own makeup, but I'm willing to have a MUA at the shoot too if you have one you like to work with.

I'm very reliable and have no problem with doing long shoots. I'm always looking to do creative projects with talented photographers.
I'm mainly interested in this type of work:
Creative/unusual angles and light.

I will consider both TFP and Paid assignments of any type except pornography(ex. spreads, penetration). Any shoot requiring nudity must be discussed prior to the day of shooting.

TFP - Must be shared copyright, and I recieve a copy of every image taken. No exceptions. Sorry, I'm just tired of working for at least 5 hours for a handful of images. It's not really a fair trade to me at that point.

Content turn around - I require that I get my cd/prints within a month, unless arrangements are made before the shoot takes place. I do realize things happen, so all I ask is to have open communication with me. Otherwise don't ask me to be a reference for you in the future.

Travel - I'd be willing to travel out of state if expenses are paid for. 

Issue 25 - Your Music Magazine (model for Halo Guitars) 

Modeling Profiles:

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